Heard a story today that really made me angry. A 10 year old autistic boy was being bullied by his teacher and aide. The father found this out after learning that his son was being violent towards his teacher and aide…Father said it was something very new, and that he had never been violent before, so after an IEP meeting and several other meetings, he sent his 10 year old son to school wired. What happen that day is HORRID. I can’t believe a teacher who was teaching special needs kids would ever behave so wrongly. It makes me wonder how many other children with special needs or children who can’t communicate are also treated this way. Here is the link to his story.. His father also made a YouTube video. A the really sad part of this story is that the teacher was never fired, she was moved to another school. Schools need to be held accountable for teachers like these. It really makes me wonder how safe are OUR children?







Graduate of NYIT

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