Last night my father and I went on a walk at a piece of White Clay Creek State Park. The walk was about 2 miles, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees after a HOT day at about 100! We walked to the newer bridge that connects the two side of the park. I say newer because it has been about 2 years since they finished the bridge. It was my first time seeing the bridge all the way finished. It is mostly fiberglass and some wood. My father said using all fiberglass would have cost way to much money. On the way to the bridge we saw a few bunnies and a little baby toad, toeena! Toeena was very small and full of wonder. No harm was done photographing Toeena, we put her back in the same spot we found her. We also saw some wonderful looking wild blackberries, way to sour! To finish the evening walk we saw a beautiful sunset!



Graduate of NYIT

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